The Vocode Project Presents:
The Electro Showcase for April 2005

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We remember the days of cardboard and linoleum, boomboxes and freakin' it in our hoods. Do you? Dr. Skunkenstein has come to remind you if not.

TR-77, TR-808, TR-606 and CR-78. LM-1, DMX and SP-12. The names might not roll off your tongue, but these are the drum machines of the early 1980s. Dr. Skunkenstein of Electrolab Records plays the role of oldschool bartender in this mix. You won't get any of that flashy new style aural drink pouring here, oh no. You're guaranteed only one thing. Quality. This is the single malt of back in the day jam style.

You want some new school bone crushing tunes? Wrong mix. This is the kind of mix that reminds you that all music wasn't invented in the last three months. Heavy duty? Maybe not. Satisfying? Hell yes. One DJ, two turntables, records old enough to drink in most countries, and some modern technology gives you a refreshing look at electro.

Before DMX was a rapper, DMX was a drum machine. Take a look back into the days when music was fun and breaking out the linoleum was a rite of passage.

Fr-fr-fr-fresh is the word. Now jam on it.

00:00 - Intro.
00:10 - Ready ready go - Universal Funk (Bluebird)
01:38 - Hip Hop Be Bop - Man Parrish (Sugerscoop)
04:37 - Breakers revenge 93 - Zeb-Rok-Ski & The Steiber twins (Phantom breaks)
08:35 - Breakdancer - The boogie boys (Capitol Records)
11:10 - Two Three Break (part 2) - DJ Born supreme Allah (Vintertainment)
15:00 - Breakin` out - Willesdon Dodgers (Jive)
19:48 - Gunsmoke Breakout - Willesdon Dodgers (Jive)
24:37 - The Diamond mix - Hardrock soul movement (Elite)
27:04 - Double Def fresh - Hardrock soul movement (Elite)
31:38 - We come to rock (Scratch mix) - Imperial brothers (Cutting records)
35:10 - Rockin` it - MC Flex & the FBI Crew (Posse records)
40:05 - Music (ICA 1984 mix) - Syncbeat (CDR)
48:13 - U people - Forever Reaction (Streetwave)
51:22 - Style of the street - Broken glass (Streetwave)
55:01 - Will we ever learn? - Pretty Tony (Music Specialists)
60:19 - B Boys Breakdance (Instr) - Hi-Fidelity three (Cutting Records)
64:05 - Running (The nest mix) - Information Society (Tommy boy)
70:25 - B Boys beware - Two sisters (Streetwave).