The Vocode Project Presents:
The Electro Showcase for August 2006

Download MP3 :: ~65 minutes runtime :: 74.6 MB

Returning for their second go round on the Electro Showcase for the Vocode Project, Texas' own electro-meisters bring the heat to wrap up the 2006 summer season. Peep that wicked tracklist and get your speakers up to par if their lackin'. This mix is just a taste of the Majora y Minora sound, they've been busy. In addition to music production and regular DJ gigs in and around Central Texas (peep the myspace profile for more info), Eric (AKA Minora), along with his business partner Zach Douglas, opened a new record store in Austin Texas -- BackSpin Records. Quickly, BackSpin has become a haven for vinyl-lovers of all stripes, and especially for beat freaks looking for electro, hip-hop, disco, house, and techno. So if you are ever in the Austin area and are looking for old school classics, the hottest new shit or anything in between, be sure to stop by the shop. More info, including a link to their ebay store as well as address and map info for Austin headz and visitors can be found at

[1] Dynamik bass system - Lotron City - Lone Records
[2] Dopeamine - When the Sky Goes Black - Dopeamine Records
[3] Dexter - Raad Het Woord - Clone Records
[4] Volsoc - Try to Save your Song (Ok Robot)- World Electric
[5] Bell - Black Helicopters - Soul Jazz
[6] Tuxedomoon - What Use(Ectomorph Rmx)- Gigolo
[7] Binaural - roto 145 - SCSI - AV
[8] Boris Divider - master model - Omni Amm
[9] Aux 88 - Direct Drive - Munchman Music
[10] Point B - Fictionary - Orson
[11] Hydraulix - Robocop - Touchin Bass
[12] Alden Tyrell - Obsession(more obsession rmx) - Clone Records
[13] Dexter vs Cosmic Force - Geheugen Meuk - Marguerita Recodings
[14] Lowfish - Cancel/Continue - Satamile
[15] Supernaut - Tropical Wind - Drivecom
[16] Andrea Parker and David Morely - Game Over - Touchin Bass
[17] Resident Alien - Alien Sounds - Frajile
[18] Underground Resistance - Hesitation - Underground Resistance
[19] Aux 88 - Electronic Warfare - UR