The Vocode Project Presents:
The Electro Showcase for August 2005

:: 59:01 m runtime :: 81 MB

Rounding out the '05 summer season at Vocode, we have a special treat straight from the heart of Texas. Sounds strange, but these cats have held Austin and central Texas on lock with their electro rhythms and for this mix recorded exclusively for Vocode, DJs Majora y Minora represent some of the grittiest sounds going down, including some dirty favorites from years past.
BR>Majora y Minora are 2/3 of Frescher-Southern and with the guidance of the founder DXM(Josh Knowles) have helped advance the austin underground electronic scene for the past 3 years. By showcasing top electronic talent in Texas, DJ's Majora y Minora have been representing the DJ side of Frecher-Sothern opening and promoting for such talent as Cylob (Rephlex), Plastic Sleeves and R9 (Down Low), Machinedrum (merck), Deceptikon(merck), Otto Von Schirach(schematic), and recently the Austin leg of the Bunker Records tour with Legowelt, Dj TLR, Orgue Electronique, and Dj Speculator, as well as Headlining for Austin's Prestigious AMODA: showcase 31( For more information about past and future productions check out

01) Intro
02) ClockDVA - The Hacker - Wax Trax
03) Rutherford - Battle - Stillebenrecords
04) Luke Eargoggle - The Swedish Code - Bunker Records
05) R9: Rick Simpson - The Modern Mind - Down Low
06) Hell & Jonzon - Bazetoya - Disko B
07) Johannes Heil - Essential Substance - JHC Records
08) Rob Euroh - The Magmaman Chronicles - Temple Dog
09) EggFooYoung - Electric Motivators - Touchin' Bass
10) Marc Floyd - AfroGermanic - Undergound Resistance
11) Electro Nation - Banana - A.F.U
12) Brian Never - Sun Downer - Electrix
13) Avonx - Battle for the Skies - Motorcity Electro Company
14) Brian Never - Blue Doctors - Psychoactive
15) Gosub - 6 of 1 - Isophlux
16) Ash Rock - Body Rock - Cyberian Knights Records
17) Transparent Sound - 350 short - Electrix