The Vocode Project Presents:
The Electro Showcase for December 2005

:: 46 m 10 s runtime :: 42.2 MB

For the third year running, Vocode founders Lex and Mad Wax represent for the December showcase, wrapping up 2005. This one's a little different however, as it features original music recorded and performed by the two bassheads as their live PA act, Gruppe 909. It also serves as a teaser for upcoming releases for Vocode Records, which is set to launch in 2006.

We put together the Gruppe 909 project for an event thrown by Denver's PTLF crew, and the tracks featured on this Marination LP are the original source files used to do the live PA during the July 2005 event 'Shake Your Pants'. Some of these were works in project, used for the PA itself, others are finished tracks. Unfortunately, we didn't have a chance to record the live set itself, but decided to release this to showcase the music we've been inspired to make from our long love affair with all things bass, bootie shaking and dark electro grooves. Several of the cuts featured here will be released on Vocode Records in 2006, along side other artists we've got in the data drives.

Thanks to everyone who rode out another year of electro bass with the Vocode Project - we've got more banging business slotted for 2006, with fresh Electro Showcases from DJ's the world round, releases on Vocode Records and the occasional DJ mix that tickles our fancy. Much love, peace and bass for the end of 05 and all of next year!

Cheers from the vocode crew. Anyone interested in recieving our final, mastered Gruppe 909 Live PA Demo, please contact us by emailed with "Gruppe 909 Live PA Demo" in the subject.

all tracks written, produced and mixed by Gruppe 909 at York Street Studios. All rights reserved. Unauthorized emulation will get you locked in a room with Biz Markie and a tub of kentucky fried. However, distribution of this mix is authorized and encouraged :)

1] gruppe 909 - hipsterism is a disease
2] gruppe 909 - paranoid [afternoon in munchen mix]
3] gruppe 909 - paranoid [original mix]
4] gruppe 909 - deuce dub null five feat. MC Disagree
5] gruppe 909 - mad science
6] gruppe 909 - outer insights
7] gruppe 909 - but its so butter [afternoon in munchen mix]
8] gruppe 909 - variations on a meme
9] gruppe 909 - damn that intergalactic bot makes good barbeque
10] gruppe 909 - this frail heart.