The Vocode Project Presents:
The Electro Showcase for February 2004

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Starting off deep in your head, traversing dark sounds and an ominous vocal stating "zero", Dynamons prepares you for a nice long electro-mindfuck. Setting things off nicely for the second Showcase of 2004 (and his 4th since he joined the Vocode Project as a resident DJ), our man down in Athens does it proper once again. Moving smoothly into the next few joints, the sounds can only be described as what electro would sound like if the Insecticons ditched Megatron and decided to produce music (for those of you born in the 90s, look it up on google;). Before things get too dark, we're kopfnikken to the spacy grooves of drexciya (rip) & automat and move straight into funky robotic electro, the shit you crank up to 11 on your MD player on that 2 AM metro ride in the metropolis of your choice. Rounding out the mix, we get the deep space business courtesy of ben milstein and mesak, and ride it out with 3 class mikrolux cuts to take us home

1. Insektoid - Uncalculated Motion In Space - Mikrolux
2. Ben Milstein - Hide - Outside
3. Claro Intelecto - Tone - AI
4. Automat - Hardware - SCSI-AV
5. Drexciya - You Dont Know - Submerge
6. Microthol vs DJ Glow - Electric Spanking - Trust
7. A1 People - Freeloader - Hydrogen Dukebox
8. Radioactive Man - Kik Yerself - Rotters Golf Club
9. T-Wrex - Attack of the Clones - Satamile
10. The Freek - Martian Leaders O.E. - Electrocute
11. Dez Williams - Bone Idle - SCSI-AV
12. Ben Milstein - Fulcrum - Outside
13. Mesak - Perus Basic - Klakson
14. Krom - Painting Textures [sniper mode remix] - Mikrolux
15. Unn - Life [unn remix] - Mikrolux
16. Krom - Bubbleblow [ruxpin remix] - Mikrolux