The Vocode Project Presents:
The Electro Showcase for February 2005

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70:40 m runtime :: 80.8 MB :: 160kbps CBR Encoded

Hugo Electro first appeared on the Vocode Project Electro Showcase in March of 2004, and we're very pleased to have him back again for the 2nd showcase of 2005. From the very first chords that take their time fading in, then wash over you and remind you of that first time you really *got* the goosebumps from electronic music, you know you're in for a treat.

Weaving masterfully from track to track, Hugo gives us something different in his presentation for the ESS - and that's what we look for at Vocode. This mix manages to capture a graceful blend between the past, future and contrast between electro beats that shake your ass, and that give you a feel for dirty electro sluts doing lines of coke at DJ Hell's Munich clubs, dripping with funk juice cos they just gave Rick James a good one.

Bonus points and Zulu Nation blessings for bringing in some classic tracks - it's been a while since we've heard them, but they add to the flavor, keeping the future-retro funk grounded in blessed bass from Miss Kitten and the Hacker, Drexciya, 'Tony' Rother and that genius 80s bastard Gary Numan.

Synthetic emotion, straight into the dirty grime and back again - we hope you enjoy this mix as much as we did. Turn it up loud, turn down the lights and spark one up, mix a martini and sink in it. Thanks to Hugo for delivering the goodies to Vocode once again, and through us to your earholes. Have we ever mentioned how much we love electro? Peace & Bass.

1) Illektric – Paranoia – Disko B
2) Benga! – DJ Linus Remix – Frankie Rec
3) Traces – The Hacker feat Mount Sims – Good Life
4) Synthetic – Anthony Rother – Datapunk
5) Sweet Dreams – Miss Kittin & The Hacker – Gigolo
6) Trans Europe Express (Bonus Beats) – Anthony Rother – Psi49net
7) Digger rmx – Alden Tyrell – Clone
8) Let’s Get It On (Ellen Allien Remix) – Bpitch Control
9) Flamboyant (DJ Hell Remix) – Pet Shop Boys – Parlophone
10) Masterblaster – Cosmic Force – Clone
11) Level 8 – Ardathbey (Alden Tyrell) – Paradiso Melkweg Productiehuis
12) Cannibal Sluts – Negative – Device
13) No Yellow Lines – Mount Sims – Gigolo
14) Describe Reality – Anthony Rother – Kanzleramt
15) Andrean Sand Dunes – Drexciya – Tresor
16) Cars – Gary Numan – Beggar’s Banquet