The Vocode Project Presents:
The Electro Showcase for February 2006

:: 56 m 45 s runtime :: 64.9 MB

Longtime vocode resident and Athens representative Dynamons comes correct once again with his funky, get in your mind and take down his pants, electro-motha fonkin breaks. Bringin' the electro choons straight from outer bass, this one is for the kopfnikkers out there. Starting our 2006 season of mixes off proper, enjoy!

1] phoenecia_roba
2] rd_the birth of houdini's voice
3] insect jazz_transmissions from instanbul
4] ruxpin_reuniq
5] distorto_distorto 4
6] bitstream_anno domini
7] silicon scally_borexino
8] rac_nine
9] adj_nu groove
10] bitstream_incubator
11] scape one_mindbridge
12] rd_linkwood
13] doctor evil_meld