The Vocode Project Presents:
The Electro Showcase for January 2004

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For the first Showcase of 2004, we decided to get ready to move forward by taking a look back - Going back a decade, we present DJ Mad Wax laying down some of the electro grooves coming out of Frankfurt in the early 90's on Sven Vath's legendary Harthouse and Eye Q stable. Mostly known for their ethereal trance and later, hardtrance and techno sounds, many of the producers of the time were also making music influenced heavily from the electro. Peppering this potent mix of old school business are several newer cuts, and records released in the later years on Harthouse/Eye Q, right before they went bankrupt in 1997. Topping it all off, we have an artist that recorded for the shortlived Harthouse Version 2 when UCMG Germany bought the rights to the label name.

Weaving from the rolling chords from Astral Pilot and Resistance D. , the mix moves forward into more familiar territory with an RITM remix of Electro Acupuncture, the electro house stylings of Der Dritte Raum and another one from Resistance D., before jumping into the funky minimal electro grooves of Jiri Ceiver and Pulse. Getting back into the more melodic order of things, we have a relatively recent one from Resistance D. who withstood the test of time with the awesome Modern World Today electro groover, before jumping into two classic cuts from Gerald Beckers Virtual Symmetry project - the beautiful vibes of Loro & Nostro twist and turn into some more furious stylings before we top things off with a Freddy Fresh cut, and finally round out the mix with Justin Berkovi's booming Plastic Bed. We hope you enjoy it, stay tuned for a great year of music courtesy of the Vocode Project.

1. Astral Pilot - Day After [Alter Ego Second Coming Mix] - Harthouse
2. Resistance D. - Cosmic [Remix] - Harthouse
3. Astral Pilot - Electro Acupuncture [RITM Transutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation Mix] - Harthouse
4. Der Dritte Raum - Brummer- Harthouse
5. Resistance D. - Morning Sunrise - Harthouse
6. Jiri.Ceiver - Trental [Dr. Rockit Remix] - Harthouse
7. Pulse - Keep Balance - Harthouse
8. Resistance D. - A Modern World Today - Planet Vision
9. Virtual Symmetry - Virtual House - Eye Q
10. Virtual Symmetry - Loro & Nostro - Eye Q
11. Freddy Fresh - Myst - Harthouse
12. Jiri.Ceiver - Retrospect [excerpt] - Harthouse
13. Justin Berkovi - Plastic Bed - Harthouse