The Vocode Project Presents:
The Electro Showcase for January 2005

MP3 Offline :: 70:30 m runtime :: 89.0 MB

The Vocode Project is proud to bring in the New Year with a solid, solid mix from one of Cambridge's finest, Damo of the Charlie Don't Surf crew. Ostensibly we could make you look up the definition of "bad ass" in the dictionary. But we won't. Just listen to this mix and get an idea of what the term means. Part smooth, part spacy and all funky, Damo delivers the goods. What? You want to know more about the man behind the mix? Then read on...

Cambridge, UK-based Damo is a critical fan of all types of underground electronic music, from glitch to techno, but as a DJ he is best known for his punishing sets deep, grinding, machine-funk electro. As a resident of the Charlie Don't Surf collective, Damo has been rocking dancefloors for close to two years and in that time has shared the decks with the likes of Radioactiveman, ADJ, Cylob and Mike Dred. With increasing frequency, Damo has been taking a break from his fierce brand of electro damage to deliver lovingly crafted IDM/glitch sets, all expertly beatmixed with the ear of an electronic music fanatic, and leading to gigs with artists from such diverse labels as Rephlex, Planet Mu, City Centre Offices and Merck. In an attempt to bring these two passions together, Damo favours a varied style of electro, often encompassing more experimental and obscure tracks without ever losing the funk. Favoured artists include the twisted bass mechanics of Tipper, Si Begg and Two Lone Swordsmen, as well as the dark atmospherics and machine-funk grindings of Carl Finlow, Scape One, Radioactive Man and Ben Milstein.

01. milanese - cowboy [warp]
02. two lone swordsmen - neuflex [warp]
03. carl a. finlow - devices [meuse_muzique]
04. silicon scally - transmito.001 [mass transit]
05. silicon scally - gigasquad [datapunk]
06. doctor evil - dryer [touchin bass]
07. bitstream - incubator [pylon]
08. volsoc - needleintuit [n.i.t.]
09. bass kittens - mfs_root (volum remix) [[k]rack-troni[k]]
10. grumptronix - level 5 [erotic city communications]
11. scan one - kick it [combat]
12. blackmass plastics - bone yard [f.d.b.]
13. scan one - f.b.i. smash [combat]
14. hp.stonji - httr [spezial material]
15. vex'd - lion [subtext]
16. apparat - hot [bpitch control]
17. si begg - futureisnow [n.i.t.]
18. apparat - funk is something else [bpitch control]