The Vocode Project Presents:
The Electro Showcase for March 2009 mixed by Mad Wax

Download MP3 :: 49 m 50 s runtime :: 114 MB

..and we're back. You can roughly see the length of time from the last showcase (Dec 07) correlates to the birth of my baby son, a little electro breaker himself. I'm finally getting some time back for mixing again, and we're off to a bang with the 65th Electro Showcase edition for March 2009! Featuring a diverse range of electro bass records, this one is for the bass heads, breakers and robo heads everywhere. Moving squarly into the present and future, we're now offering direct purchase links to the various releases featured on the ESS mixes! The mix as always is a free download from your friends at the Vocode Project, but if you dig a particular track on a mix, support the artists who break it down in the studio and purchase a cut! Crank it up, bass out and most of all, enjoy!

:: TRACKLISTING :: Purchase links lead to

1. Mr. RobotoIntro
2. Aux 88Alien Life FormCreme Org.
3. Luke EargoggleMind of a MoogCreme Org
4. CaneNon-fictionFunck Music
5. NukubusDormicumFunck Music
6. Partisan MidiPhoto AbductionFrustrated Funk
7. Warsaw Football HooliganzDon't Make Me Smack Yo MommaVocode Rec.Promo
8. HardfloorThe Trill Acid Theme (ERP Remix)No Respect
9. DarkmodeNatural City (Synapse Remix)Bass Gun Rec.
10. HardfloorThe Life We Choose(ERP Remix)No Respect
11. Aux 88Rated A.U.X (Aaron Carl Wallshaker Mix)Puzzle Box Rec.
12. Sound LogicSage Advoce (Mad Wax's Vocode Edit)Dorje Rec.