The Vocode Project Presents:
The Electro Showcase for May 2005

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Rare is the electro cut that manages to be funky AND dark AND brooding at the same time; such is the beginning of the may 2005 electro showcase, brought to you by the vocode project and the UK's own DJ Steve Welling. Steve's been into all kinds of dance music since the early 80s, but these days focuses mostly on electro. Currently part of Birmingham's Glitch crew, they rock the ill 'ktro events in the area. if you're from there, track 'em down. recommended to us through vocode resident dynamons, we got steve's mix in the post and its been non-stop kopfnikken since then.

From the first track in, you know you're in for another one of those "fuck lets turn up the speakers" hours. If there's any doubt that electronic music can be made with machines and have soul, funk and attitude, it can be put to rest with this banger of a mix.

Tracks build upon tracks, keeping that kopfnikken factor we at vocode esteem so highly cranked to the max. truth in electro-funk, nothing else can describe this one. turn it up and enjoy.

1. Air Liquide - Interactive Warlords [Sm:)e]
2. Ruxpin - Reuniq [Uni:form]
3. 04 - Naeae Eletrok [Exogenic]
4. Chromatix - Move-A-Tro [Spelunk]
5. LA Synthesis - Harmonic Disassembly [Evolution]
6. Selway - Excession [serotonin]
7.Automat - Eau Trouble [Sounds Around]
8. Barada - Detatch/Observe [Definitive]
9. Synapse - Get Some [Serotonin]
10. Tr-Generation - Impedance [Hypervinyl]
11. Selway - Millenium Sound [Serotonin]
12. Dr Evil - Ritual [Touchin Bass]
13. Groof - I Want You (Voicestealer mix) [Minifunk]
14. Silicon Scally - Promo Untitled [Scsi]