The Vocode Project Presents:
The Electro Showcase for May 2006

Download MP3 :: 1 hr 3 m runtime :: 87.2 MB

It's finally spring time at Vocode HQ, and nothing sets us off nicer for warm weather, cadillac convertibles, burberry hats and Adidas sneakers than a fresh mix of electro expertly mixed by our man down in Athens, DJ Dynamons! Check out the smashing electro bass mix for the May 2006 Electro showcase! As usual, Dynamons continues to out do himself with each edition of the showcase he puts together, and this is NO exception. Peep the tracklist, and make sure you don't have janky speakers :) Next month, we present another guest DJ mix from across the pond and prepare for the 50th electro showcase in July of this summer! This will be a special one, so get ready! Enjoy!

01. ambit3 blue chill
02. soul oddity welcome back to earth
03. plastique de reve mi-cro-mho
04. eog cim shift
05. kansas city prophets grim dubs vol.3
06. dj k-1 plastic people (microthol remix)
07. selway unearthly
08. subway empty head (claro intelecto remix)
09. photic sonar walk in my hall
10. intricate letague
11. pal secam kids flatblock 209
12. silicon scally counterpoint
13. scape one - sequence data 1
14. voice stealer to be with you / mind and body
15. gescom - puzl