The Vocode Project Presents:
The Electro Showcase for May 2009 mixed by Mad Wax

Download MP3 :: 1 hr 17 m 9 s runtime :: 176 MB

Mayday! well we're two weeks later, but this mix is straight fire and deserves its own bass alerts. Ranging from funky 80s influenced electro funk to the bassbins of miami and intricate hard electro rhythms of the UK, this mix features a most excellent assortment of artists keeping it real for electro music in 2009. If you dig any of the tracks, please support the folks who cook these beats up by snagging one at the purchase link below. Crank it up, bass out and most of all, enjoy!

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# Artist Title Label Purchase
1. Mr. Roboto Intro
2. Eyp314 & Neuro-D Kalibration In Fact
3. Tokyo Knife Attack Alright Pest Control
4. Native Funk 1980 Grin Music
5. Systemic Microcosm Labrynth
6. Morphogenetic Operation O.R.G.O.N.E Twilight 76
7. Pain Struck Stanley Dumb Honey Trapping (Shinra Mix) WIDE Records
8. Dez Williams Weakmind Cheap
9. Paul Blackford Waveforms Twilight 76
10. Juri-Jah Bass Transmission Future Beats
11. Alavux Pustinja Toyfriend
12. Galaxian Sleeper Cell Promo Promo
13. Paul Blackford Electro Shock Bass Gun
14. Headnoaks Master Control Bass Gun
15. Galaxian Warhead Militant Science
16. Paul Blackford Code Red Twilight 76
17. Dez Williams Grinding To A Halt Cheap
18. Bass Junkie Myami Style Battle Trax
19. Front 242 Headhunter (Exzakt Mix) Promo Promo
20. Tokyo Knife Attack Too Much Information Pest Control
21. Autophase White (Kosmas Epsilon Mix) Adjust