The Vocode Project Presents:
The Electro Showcase for November 2004
NA :: 70:31m runtime :: 96.8 MB ::

We normally showcase electro, as the name implies; however Bahamut graced us with this excellent smoothly blended breatbeat mix and we had to feature it, namely because it hit the kopfnikken bone in the right way. If electro and only electro is your bag, we recommend the October and September showcases.

Christopher Rayce AKA Bahamut has bestowed upon the Vocode Project a mix of jagged electro-influenced breakbeat which ebbs and flows, rocks and rolls. He is a prolific producer as well as skilled DJ. His body of work includes the Florida classics "Dobrag" and "Bump in the Night". Recently he's kicked off a brand new label, "Eyrie", with the first release featuring a chuggy piece of breakbeat yumminess with a growling Freaky Chakra remix on the flip. Though this is Mr. Rayce's first mix for Vocode, in some ways he's been with us since the beginning. Chris played on the Futuristik Connected show back in 2000, which would evolve into the Electro Showcase Showdown. He also played at one of the first club nights done by The Vocode Project, "Simulate" in 2001.

Get more info about Bahamut at Meta-Minds

1) Jason Sparks : Siberia : Botchit and Scarper
2) Pat Foosheen : the Unthinkable (Habersham's mah sivve remix): Institution breaks
3) Cord : Creation : Cup of Chi
4) Santos : Tzumbae : Mob Records
5) Bahamut : CEMRail (Freaky Chakra remix) : Eyrie
6) The Breakfastaz : Freefall Feat Seb J : Cyberfunk
7) TAYO Meets Acid Rockers Uptown: Bloodline Version : Skint
8) Tom Real vs the Rogue Element : High Noon (J.D.S. Mix) : Functional Breaks
9) Baitercell & Schumacher: Whats Down Low : Passenger Records
10) Santos : Sabot (santos VIP remix) : Mob
11) The Orb : From a Distance (Hybrid remix) : Simply Recordings