The Vocode Project Presents:
The Electro Showcase for November 2005

:: 60 m 28 s runtime :: 83 MB

For the 43rd Electro Showcase, Florida's Double Helix brings the heat to melt the wintery grip of Old Man Winter. If this was a hip hop radio show and I was Tim Westwood or Funkmaster FLex, I'd be pressing the hot damn "make bomb noises" button right now. We feature electro from all walks of robots at Vocode, but sometimes you gotta go home. You like 808 bass beats? Check. You like gritty electro rhythms? Check. You like crazy ass robots tearing up your mutha fuckin head? Check. You tired of moody chin strokers and dig robot sounds with hot Florida honies sweatin' on the dancefloor? CHECK

From his early days in the 80s of programming an 8 second sampler on his Commodore 64 through the modern day of music; Double Helix has plugged away countless hours searching for the perfect beat. A South Florida native, he has absorbed the multi cultural influences heard on every street. Every Set by him tells a story. This story is one of the inner mind of Double Helix contemplating everything from Mix sets early roots, science and technology to extraterrestrial life. nuff said!

DH SHouts: Special Thanks to (In Quasi-Alphabetical Order): All The Artists Featured in This Mix, ATF, A.M.P., Celtic, Diplomat, DME, Dr. Skunkenstein, Electrolab Records, M'Ocean, Trevor Rockwell, Wife and Daughter for Dancing While This Was Made, Will Web, Will Philips, Vocode Project, Zero One Records, The Online Communities of Electro Alliance & No Haters BBS for convincing me not to throw the towel in. You All Are Saving the world One beat at a time!

Turn your amps up past 11 on this one. Enjoy! Contact Double Helix by email here or instant messenger at Floridabreakr

1] Intro
2] Number 1 DJ and MC Crew - Diplomat
3] Solaris - SBassShip
4] ZX Complex - Diplomat
5] Hiding the Pain - ATF
6] Extinction Level Event - ATF
7] Gegen Den Rest - SBassShip
8] The Corridors of Time - SBassShip
9] Dirty Dancefloor (Sleep Tonight) - Ghosts in the Machine
10] Earth Wind Fire - Netzwerk Florida
11] Security - The Beat Club
12] Futura - Freakaziods
13] Electronic Energy - Silver Label (?)
14] My Cyborg - Diplomat
15] Encounter - Jacen Solo
16] Communion - Spacemen
17] Cascade - Future Sounds of London
18] The Freak - Freakazoids