The Vocode Project Presents:
The Electro Showcase for October 2005

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DJ Kate send the Vocode Project a mix he had done a few months ago - we were duly impressed, and ask for a custom mix specifically for the Electro Showcase. Delivering on all counts, this 71 minute electro extravaganza traverses the soundscapes of headphone machine gun 'ktro to booty shakin' ass slappers to all manners of electro styles in between. Impecably mixed, theres no doubt James Stinson is happily puffing on a blunt with God and rocking out to the rhythms of this one, as should be all futuristik b-boys from the basscopalypse.

DJ Kate reps the bassheads of North Carolina USA. He originally played at clubs such as the infamous Babylon, and the series of GrooveTactic events. He's hosted many events showcasing the likes of the Hardkiss family and the Sunburn crew back in the 90's. "This is a mix made by exclusively for Vocode to remind us that; no matter what the question, bass is always the answer." True words from a basshead indeed. Enjoy!Contact DJ kate by email here

1] Intro
2] Snog - Real Estate Man (Super Awesome Electro Friends Forever RMX) - [k]raktroni[k]
3] VOLSOC - Here Come Volsoc - World Electric
4] Bass Junkie - Weirding Module - Control Tower
5] Machine Music - I'm a Machine - Maschinen Musik
6] Dj Glow - Whoami - On/Off Music
7] Boris Divider - Dark Robot Forces (k8 edit) - Drivecom
8] Sons of Slough - Velvet Alternative - Sprungcartellwachs
9] The Wee Dj's - Trash - Omni Amm
10] Hydraulix - Robocop - Touchin' Bass
11] Xerodefx - Electronic Interior - Tekmind
12] Cultek - Excessive Frequency - Touchin' Bass
13] Decal - Of the Present - Satamile
14] Sons of Slough - Dicky Rockford - Electrix
15] Hack the Tab - I am not Machine - [k]raktroni[k]
16] Buckfunk 3000 - Planet Shock Future Rock - Language
17] Decal - 64 Guns - Satamile
18] Outro
19] Crossover - My Wave - International Deejay Gigolos