The Vocode Project Presents:
The Electro Showcase for October 2010 mixed by Datacrashrobot

Download Full Length MP3 :: Download Artwork :: 1 hr 5 s runtime :: 96.2 MB

The 69th edition of the Electro Showcase for October 2010 is here, featuring guest DJ Datacrashrobot representing Romania. Sexy fluid alien beats from outer bass. Deep off the beaten path build walls dont let anybody in take drugs drink smoke get lost music. Don't sleep.

The mix as always is a free download from your friends at the Vocode Project, but if you dig a particular track on a mix, purchase a cut! Crank it up, bass out and most of all, enjoy! Check out Datacrashrobot at soundcloud, mixcloud, and bandcamp

:: TRACKLISTING :: Purchase links lead to reputable online digital retailers. If unavailable for purchase, then directly to the artists online presence.

1. Ion Driver BBRobot (Seņor Frio Remix) Digital Distortions
2. Mariel Ito Form Function SCSI-AV
3. Snog Real Estate Man (Volum Mix) [k]rack-tronik[k]
4. Datacrashrobot Yarrow Algorithm Ghost Technology Promo
5. Doctor Evil Dryer Touchin' Bass
6. ERP Nerve Play Frustrated Funk
7. Scape One Diffusion Of Innovations Bass4Bots
8. Letroset Edit Flash Fleeced
9. Datacrashrobot Adaptive Opcode unreleased/Datacrash Recovery
10. Silicon Scally Thruster Satamile
11. EOC Jabberer And Gabber Ai Records
12. Chris 214 The Manglers Touchin' Bass
13. Clone Theory Otehrs Electrolab
14. Bass Kittens Useful Cars Future Beats
15. The hidden Persuader Channel Ident Access Tonal Communications Promo
16. Jade One Monodyne Spacebar Sentiments
17. UKV Random Ghost Technology
18. Galaxian Strange Brain Doppelganger Records
19. Boris Divider Electronics 2 (Erekutoronikkusu) Drivecom
20. Anthony Nuzzo Illogical Bass Frequency Productions