The Vocode Project Presents:
The Electro Showcase for September 2002

Download MP3:: 37 m runtime :: 35.7 MB

This month's Electro Showcase is a little different. Produced by Vocode resident DJ Lex, this is his FSOL/movie soundtrack inspired project, an ongoing science fiction sonic serial story. It is called "Passenger 1126" and has something to do with cryostatis, nanomachines, and really "uncalled for things happening to undeserving people", in Lex's own words.

Recorded at Futuristik Studios, its a mixture of spacy ambient textures, with driving electro bass grooves dropping in and out of the mix, this one is definitely something to put on your headphones, turn out the lights, kick back the seat  and turn it up loud

1. Awaken 
2. Passenger 1126 
3. Reprogramming 
4. Recovery 
5. Nanomachines 
6. The Procedure 
7. Unwilling