The Vocode Project Presents:
The Electro Showcase for September 2003

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You've heard the banging original tunes, you've heard the remixes: now, for the September Electro Showcase the Vocode Project presents guest DJ Exzakt returning to the roots of the Miami sound with a bass bin shattering mix of miami bass, old skool electro, classics, 808s and a touch of Detroit ghetto bass. If you thought the Wildstyle station on Vice City was fresh, this mix is for you. Standard disclaimers against "Damage to Your Hearing and Blowing Bass Speakers" apply, just like the old stickers on DJ Magic Mike albums ;) Expertly mixed, we hope you'll enjoy it. Thanks to Exzakt for a great mix.

Where Dem Hoes At?

01. Nicole Sheridan : Intro
02. DJ Godfather : Where Dem Hoes At?
03. Uncle Al : (Hoes) N’ Da House
04. Rock It Don’t Stop
05. Huba-a-Duba
06. DJ Assault : Every Freakin’ Day
07. Wicked Mix : Boom In It
08. Two Live Crew : Throw That Dick
09. Kraftwerk : Tour De France
10. Dynamix II : Feel The Groove
11. Natural Born Intro : Rock The Funky Beats
12. Dub Pistols : Cyclone
13. Cyber-Funk : Computer Power
14. Fred 4 : Do It From The Back
15. Wicked Wipe : 10:59
16. Intelegent Concept : Get Down Everybody
17. DJ Punk Rock : Busted Speaker
18. Whoomp There It Is
19. What’s Up Beats
20. Badest DJ
21. Miami’s Rockin’
22. Egyptian Lover : Girls
23. Vibratintg Funk
24. M.O.L. : Hold Up Wait A Minute
25. Resist A Dub
26. Miami Bass Labs : Who Are They?
27. D-Jax : Like This
28. Doug E. Fresh : Go Something Like This
29. Bad Ed : OldSkool Acacemy
30. Where Dem Hoes Out?
31. Nicole Sheridan Outro

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